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Sculptures are an interesting element of artwork. Unlike painting it is fully three-dimensional, which intensify the perception of this kind of art. Historically, sculptures have been present in our culture for a long time such as the Venus of Willendorf, for example, and they accompany us in various forms till the present day. Almost anything can be expressed in a sculpture, from the human or animal portrayal to the artist´s feelings. Various materials such as stone, metal, glass, clay or different imitations are used.

We largely use sandstone and wood. Sandstone is a material that we got from the pure nature and it is extraordinary for its texture and malleable features and was used for various sculptures in the past in the Czech Republic.

Wood is also a rewarding material for artwork. Its ability is a good shaping, and thus the subtlest nuances can be carved out. Wood carving is a very stylish decoration in the interior.

We can also make sculptures of marlstone or very precious white marble Carrara (see the sampler of materials).

Whether you choose a magnificent stone larger-than-life statue or a tiny wood figure, your choice will be a very stylish accessory into both the interior and the exterior.

Here you can have a look at some examples of our work:



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