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Artwork, historic monuments and antiquities are highly sensitive to the time passing, weather conditions and interventions by people who tended to restore or make them “better” unprofessionally. Primarily, a restorer must serve the artwork very respectfully. They have to suppress their personality, their own creativity and ideas that are unacceptable in restoration. Not every artist is able to be a restorer.

There are special demands placed on a restorer because restoration requires different qualities that are both artistic and technical. Visual arts are of paramount importance in order to be able to restore or alternatively supplement the artwork, as well as knowledge of art history and artistic and craft technology of old age. The restoration is not thus an easy work.

In most cases the restorer starts with thorough examination of the work of art, and s/he finds out the origin and history. The work of art has to be carefully documented and described before any changes on a monument are implemented.

According to the examination the restorer makes a plan for the following process. After the potential removing of newly made repairs, s/he has to secure or stabilize the original layer, namely if it is cracked or coming off. In wood carvings the restorer has to remove woodworms and all their traces.

The final phase of restoration is retouching, adding the missing parts and the external adjustment those parts that were damaged. This must be made in a way not to break the overall impression. Finally, the outcome is again documented and the official documentation is drawn up.

Our skills and technology will guarantee a highly careful procedure and authentic shape.

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