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Headstones have always belonged to a method of decent commemorating the deceased, whether it was in the form of a tiny memorial plaque on a small grave or a spectacular tomb.

There are no boundaries of the material choice. However, the suitability of the chosen material into the given setting must be taken into account so that the monument could be the elegant and decent memory of the person, who you want to commemorate. For this purpose we recommend natural stones (see the sampler) because their authenticity and resistance to the weather conditions is undoubted. Although imitations can have features as the genuine stone, yet these (e.g. colour, texture, permanence) can never equal the material that the nature itself made.

The headstone can be shaped as you choose and it can be supplemented with various details including a gold or silver inscription or an engraving. Sample types of headstones are always at your disposal in our studio. You can take inspiration from them. We are also willing to make headstones to the customer´s request and wishes whether it concerns the shape, processing or material.

Our long-time experience with stone processing, sense of detail, modern technologies and mostly close cooperation with leading stone suppliers both in the Czech Republic and abroad contribute to the exceptional quality of our products that keep their gloss for decades.

We do not put our advert (e.g. various plates, stickers) on headstones for unethical reasons.

We also arrange professional installation of our products and repairs or a complete substitution of older headstones for new ones, which is made very carefully. The advertisement does not speak for us but a good job does – it is the best advertisement.

On this page you can find a few examples of our work.


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