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Headstones have always belonged to a fashion of decent commemorating the deceased, whether it was in the form of a tiny memorial plaque on a small grave or a spectacular tomb.

There are no boundaries of the material choice. However, the suitability of the chosen material into the given setting must be taken into account so that the monument could be the elegant and decent memory of the person, who you want to commemorate.

For this purpose we recommend natural stones (see the sampler or materials) because their authenticity and resistance to the weather conditions is undoubted. The headstone can be shaped as you choose and it can be supplemented with various details including a gold or silver inscription or an engraving.

Sample types of headstones are always at your disposal in our studio. You can take inspiration from them. We are also willing to make headstones to the customer´s request and wishes whether it concerns the shape, processing or material.

We do not put our advert on headstones for unethical reasons.



Sculptures are an interesting element of artwork. Unlike painting it is fully three-dimensional, which intensify the perception of this kind of art. Historically, sculptures have been present in our culture for a long time such as the Venus of Willendorf, for example, and they accompany us in various forms till the present day.

Almost anything can be expressed in a sculpture, from the human or animal portrayal to the artist´s feelings. Various materials such as stone, metal, glass, clay or different imitations are used. We largely use sandstone and wood. However, we can make sculptures of marlstone or very precious white marble Carrara (see the sampler of materials).

Whether you choose a magnificent stone larger-than-life statue or a tiny wood figure, your choice will be a very stylish accessory into both the interior and the exterior.



Artwork, historic monuments and antiquities are highly sensitive to the time passing, weather conditions and interventions by people who tended to restore or make them “better” unprofessionally.

Primarily, a restorer must serve the artwork very respectfully. They have to suppress their personality, their own creativity and ideas that are unacceptable in restoration. Not every artist is able to be a restorer.

There are special demands placed on a restorer because restoration requires different qualities that are both artistic and technical. Visual arts are of paramount importance in order to be able to restore or alternatively complete the artwork, as well as knowledge of art history and artistic and craft technology of old age. The restoration is not thus an easy work.

Our skills and technology will guarantee a highly careful procedure and authentic shape.

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